Extra Large Industrial First Aid Kits

Do you need an extra large industrial first aid kit? Your organization will thank you if you do. This behemoth is probably the biggest industrial kit of its type in the world and comes with enough first aid supplies to service multitudes and also allows for easy self-service ordering to satisfy even the most demanding first aid distribution demand. The SteriPEN has all of the features of a professional medical first aid kit and can be stored in a convenient carrying case while not in use. It has multiple compartments for storage and comes with separate areas for bandages, ointments, adhesive tapes, gauze and the ever important thermoplastic sheeting.

These large kits come in two formats, one with the pre-fabricated sleeves and one that comes pre-assembled and already equipped with the materials needed. The SteriPEN is clearly the more expensive of the two options but is clearly worth the extra investment due to the high quality materials it is built from and the long-term life span of the product. It should last several years before you will have to replace it as it is made of strong industrial first aid supply material and the thick, vinyl coated bandages and gauze it comes with can withstand regular use for many years. The extra large industrial first aid kit comes in two colors, tan and blue, making it perfect for both, professional and at home use. The product also comes with an attached reflective decal for added visibility. Get the extra large first aid kit on this page.

When looking for an extra industrial first aid kit consider one made of heavy duty nylon with the ability to quickly change the strips between adhesive tapes, bandages and ointments. This kit comes with over 100 individually wrapped strips that when inserted into the packaging will quickly change the way you see first aid. The strips are not only easily used as a tape, they are also washable, reusable and disposable. There are no double wrapping or additional storage needed. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions for changing the strips as well as for changing the bandages between adhesive tapes. The kit is designed for quick application, no messy clean up and the strips can be reused many times before needing to be replaced. Learn more about the shop on this page.

The Band-Aids-to Tape offers three different sizes of pre-packaged bandages, three different sizes of adhesive tapes in four different thicknesses (heavy duty, medium, light), and four different colors to choose from. The bandages are washable, reusable and disposable. You simply peel off the backing and place the bandages in the applicator cup and begin applying the first aid according to the instructions provided.

Another industrial first aid kit to consider is the Medix Emergency First Aid Kit which comes with a pre-measured pack of cotton balls. The kit contains two rolls of cotton balls, a measuring cup and a cream applicator pad. This kit is useful for applying pain killer ointment, cleaning small cuts and scratches and preventing infection. The kit has rubber protective bandages that protect against spillage. The bandages can be reused several times before having to be replaced.

The Medix Emergency First Aid Kit also contains a four oz. ounce measuring cup along with eight disposable plastic-towels that are each labeled with a color. The kit also comes with four disposable gel pads, a brown fiber cloth, two Neosporin gauze pads, a brown washcloth and a bandage band. These products can be used interchangeably or you may want to use one of each to make up your own personalized first aid treatment kit. Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Aid_Only.

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